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Office Desks > Aries

Worktops: desks and extensions covered with a plastic laminate sheet hpl, undertop contour trimming in mdf laquered, thick mm.50. Structures: side panels in 25 mm thick coated board. vertical blocks in laquered mdf. Peninsulas: top in 30 mm thick mdf laquered, column in 80 mm diameter metallic tube, with a round basement in 50 mm diameter steel sheet. Chest of drawers and service table: chests and fronts in 18 mm diameter coated board, tops in 30 mm plastic laminate coated. Bookcases: in 18 mm diameter coated board for structure and back panel, mm.25 diameter for shelves, mm.30 diameter for tops and structures plastic laminate coated (hpl). Doors: in 18 mm diameter coated board, in 5 mm diameter thick thoughened glass, or in thick toughened glass with aluminium edges or wooden frame.

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