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Worktops: desk in 18 mm thick coated board, or in 10 mm thick tempered painted glass. Structures: metal structure made of 60 * 30, 2 mm thick steel tube for a single or a two opposite worktops. Cable managements: located on the under side of the desk, a U shaped channel for a single desktop or double workstation desktops, transparent polypropylene wire vertebra, cable outlet with a wire hole and a removable cap to bring wires through the top. Chest of drawers, service table and desk high storages: an 18 mm thick coated board for chests, side panels and tops. Bookcases: in 18 mm thick coated board for structures, backpanels and tops, 25 mm thick for shelves. Doors: in 18 mm thick coated board or in 5 mm tempered glass with aluminium frame.

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